Meet The Very Important Pooches



    • Boy
    • Dog date of birth: 23 November 2017
    • Owner: Kirstin
    • Country:
    • Have you had your dog since they were puppies?: Yes
    • Was your dog a rescue dog?: No
    • How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 15
    • Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia? If yes, what kind?:

      Lots where to start brooches jugs picture doormats handbags !

    • Highlights of my dog’s life:

      Run over at 8mth and broke his hip and pelvis so very nervous around cars ! Chase cats dogs cats children !!

What our members say about their Scottie



Maggie is a unique character. I rehomed her when she was nine months old to live with me and my other Scottie Hugo (who lived till the grand old age of 16!) and other various animals.

She had a tricky start in life and so takes a very long time to trust both people and dogs, but she is the most loyal and lovely friend to me.

She has a massive attitude in a tiny body and, like all Scotties, is super stubborn and doesn’t forget a thing!

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