How we contact you via WhatsApp

At London Scottie Club we use the powerful free WhatsApp Messenger App to contact our members and for them to contact us. This is in addition to slower emails.
When you become a Member or Honorary Member, you need to download the WhatsApp app because membership of our Alerts or Convo WhatsApp groups is mandatory. Membership of our other WhatsApp groups is automatic upon registration but you can exit them at any time by yourself.
What are the WhatsApp groups?
  • ALERTS – This sends messages and announcements to all members on a periodical basis. It is also the easiest way to find announcements later. Automatic (and Mandatory if you exit CONVO).

  • CONVO – This allows members to talk daytime to the rest of the group and is a great way to ask for advice, shares photos, or to tell others they are ok and what they are doing today. Automatic (and Mandatory if you exit ALERTS).

  • SMART MART – While there is an official OFFERS page on the website for LSC merchandise, members can post messages if they want to buy or sell Scottie-related products or services to other LSC members. It can also be used by members to tell other members of great deals online. Suggestions are not solicitations to buy and do not mean LSC endorses any products, nor does the LSC derive any financial gain from them. If a product is unsafe or otherwise unsatisfactory, do not post here but email the club with details. Products should be posted here and never on the CONVO group.  Automatic but Optional.
We ask that members respect privacy of other members and that posts are shared only between the hours of 0700 – 2300 London UK time Mondays to Sundays.
We hope you enjoy how WhatsApp enhances the club every day!