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Spring starts on Monday, and with a spring in our step at London Scottie Club. It is with great pleasure that we announce our latest new Members and their Very Important Pooches joining the London...

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EP 30: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank

After clearing out plants that could be dangerous for your Scottie, what to plant instead? We offer some ideas. And what’s this javelin-shaped object that’s known as a Foxtail? Cath Marchbank is our guest on Scottie MOT. To Download the plants list, click on “Download Transcript” under the LSC podcast player on this page.

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Walkabouts Event Planner 2022

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  • 03/04

  • 28/05

  • 24/07

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This Planner is subject to change for exceptional reasons up to 48 hours before an event is due. Location, and any changes, are announced only on LSC WhatsApp Alerts and Convo groups.

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What our members say about their Scotties




Bronte is full of character, fun to be around and very affectionate.
She can however be very demanding and directs ever increasing high pitched ‘YIPS’ at you to draw your attention. My daughter has given her the nick name….Barry…the leader singer of the Bee Gees.