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Spring starts on Monday, and with a spring in our step at London Scottie Club. It is with great pleasure that we announce our latest new Members and their Very Important Pooches joining the London...

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EP 31: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank

Scottie MOT is back and this month it is an extended edition with Cath Marchbank which could be re-titled Scottie MORT. That is because we discuss how owners and second pets should prepare for the passing of a Scottie. Cath offers some practical tips and explains that other dogs or cats in the home may be lost and bewildered so it is important to involve them in the grieving process too. Although recorded on 5 September 2022, it seems prescient that it airs the day after the world was shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Rocky who was owned by Maxine.

Image by Ken from Pixabay


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Teddy loves his food and 1 hour before his evening meal is due, he will sit and stare at me in the hope I will relent and feed him early. I refuse to be intimated so he has to wait. He is exceptionally friendly with all dogs and loves his twice weekly socialising with the dog walker and 3 of his doggie mates in Hyde Park.