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Event Report

Phoenix Arise. It’s Your Party

What an amazing day out! When Sonya asked the Club to help her celebrate pup Phoenix's first birthday we knew we had to do it. When she told us she wanted to do it in February, we admit, we were a little apprehensive. But when 23 February came, the nearest date that could be arranged…
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Scottie Lonely No More

On Sunday, London Scottie Club’s convoy of Scotties ventured to one of the capital’s borders. But rather than being met with a 10 foot high wall, it was a pleasant green space in the leafy county of Buckinghamshire. And leafy, mild and sunny, it still was, despite the advancing days of November. And how symmetrical?…
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Ship Ahoy! There’s Scotties Ahead!

[caption id="attachment_3233" align="alignleft" width="300"] We met beside the bandstand at Greenwich Park[/caption] We are only a week from the Equinox and a few weeks away from the return of GMT and short days. But that was all in the future, somewhere, who cares?, when Scottie owners from across the capital linked hands and made new…
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If the River Can Bend

[caption id="attachment_3193" align="alignleft" width="300"] Phoenix (left) meets half-brother Pudding[/caption] What started out as a planned River talk walk this weekend, ended up with River Phoenix. The event this weekend also demonstrated the vital benefits of WhatsApp messenger, which all full members of the London Scottie Club are encouraged to join. Back to River Phoenix. Nope,…
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