Monthly Archives: December 2016

At home practical tips

Do this at home kids! This section will detail ideas members have from how to discourage their teething puppy from grinding expensive furniture to making your home safer for your pooches.

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Healthy Scotties

What gives them the Scottie bounce? We will talk to health experts to provide advice and offer occasional podcasts from London Scottie Radio on a range of health issues, as well as field your questions. If you have a question for this question, please email them to and mark your email title “HEALTH ISSUE”.

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Scottie grooming services and advice

Can’t you hand strip a dog that’s already been clipped?

There is no shortage of wash ‘n’ go centres for cleaning your Scottie. But some places might turn yours into a round-faced Westie or a Corgi. We will share with you places that we know or our members have told us groom your dogs tip

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